Industry Definitions

Direct Hire: Direct hire positions are opportunities in which the client company utilizes the staffing agency to find and qualify the talent. If a candidate is chosen for the position after interviewing with the client company, they will go directly on the client’s payroll. In this situation, the candidate does not become an employee of the staffing agency.

Temporary-to-Hire: These positions are similar to any other permanent position, in that you are hired with the intent that the position becomes a long-term opportunity. However, for a period of time, the staffing agency would be your employer of record and administer payroll and/or benefits, until such time that the client company may decide to convert the employee permanently. This is a great way for candidates to get their foot-in-the-door with the right company.

Temporary: Temporary employees, often referred to as “temps,” are typically hired to cover a need or gap for the client company. These assignments can range from a one-day assignment to a couple of months, to an indefinite period of time, dependent upon the client company’s needs. A temp is considered an employee of the staffing agency, on their payroll. Temporary positions may even lead to temporary-to-hire or permanent employment where appropriate.

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